Our Service

We provide support for young people with multiple needs - so they are able to live and participate in their community.

We respect every young person as an individual, and focus our service on improving their wellbeing. The benefits for the young people we support can include:

  • Strengthening family/whanau relationships
  • Engaging and achieving in education
  • Improving physical and mental health
  • Reducing risk factors (e.g. drug and alcohol use, offending, and suicide risk)
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Wraparound Casework

Casework is young person focused, family/whanau centred, mobile, flexible and delivered in the community

The service has an open referral system for young people aged 11-18 years, with multiple needs. Young people are screened, assessed and matched with a qualified caseworker. A holistic and individualised plan is developed to address their identified needs.

OYWT Casework is based on relationship  and supports a young person and focuses on risk and protective factors to strengthen what is currently working well.




We know that a few simple factors make all the difference for building the resilience needed for young people on their journey to adulthood.

For mentoring to be of benefit for vulnerable young people and their family/whanau, it has to be part of our wraparound casework service. Our mentoring programme is designed to complement the work of the caseworker and young person.

Please note that it won't always be appropriate for a young person to have a mentor.

Mentoring has many benefits for a young person needing support, these include

  • Encouraging and inspiring them to develop their own vision for the future
  • Allowing for modelling of reciprocity and healthy caring relationships, due to the voluntary nature of our programme.
  • Supporting the young person to develop necessary life skills and positive connections within Dunedin's community
  • Improving engagement and attitude towards learning
  • Having fun together - this is a big part of the mentoring relationship

Contact us if you would like more information about becoming a mentor.


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School Attendance Service

OYWT holds the School Attendance Service contract working to improve the attendance and engagement of 6-16 year olds in the greater Dunedin area.

Although all children and young people between 6 and 16 years of age must be enrolled in education, usually in school, we know that attending school regularly can be a challenge for some young people and their family/whanau.

Having an education generally means better life outcomes and at OYWT we help young people to:

  • Enrol or re-engage in education and learning

  • Stay in education and achieve academic qualifications

  • Transition from education to training or employment